Your Digital Inclusion CIC is a technology-led community interest company, specialising in helping the digital excluded and digitally illiterate "level-up".

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Digital Inclusion is a technology-led community interest company, specialising in helping the digital excluded and digitally illiterate "level-up" to achieve better employment opportunities within the British and European labour markets. We aim to ensure everyone can pass the basic literacy test and help them to apply for work, manage universal credit claims and ensure they are fit for work in the twenty-first century. We work with companies to ensure their employees meet the necessary level of digital skills set out by the United Kingdom Government.

Why Do We Need Digital Skills Training?

That's the key question of our time. The United Kingdom is entering the fourth industrial revolution and we discovered the UK workforce is ill-prepared. To ensure the entire UK workforce has the five key digital skills needed to be fully productive it will take ten years to train them. This assumes we train fifty-eight thousand people a week.

The benefits of upskilling low-income workers with digital skills is incredible, for every pound spent on digital skills training the estimated benefit to the United Kingdom's economy is fifteen pounds.

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Digital Skill: The Core Foundations

The first part of our extensive training course has been designed to introduce you to technology and how to access the internet, understand how to change your device password or security code.

We'll also help you to understand why this is important and how password security is one of the key digital life lessons everyone needs to understand.

We'll show you how to charge the tablet, turn it on and off, set basic controls and connect to a wireless internet hotspot.

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Digital Skill: Communication Online

Once you have learned the basics of how to interact with both a tablet and an Amazon Alexa device we move onto using the internet to communicate.

We begin with Twitter (the micro-blogging) social media platform, we'll help you understand how it works, set up an account, follow another user, unfollow and block a user and update your profile image and bio. Once you have your social media account set up, we'll move on and teach you how to tweet, share a photograph.

WhatsApp is a mobile phone application used by millions of people to communicate. We will help you download the mobile application from the AppStore, create an account and understand what the EULA (end-user licence agreement) is and means. Once you're set-up, we'll teach you how to send a message, set up a group and make a video call using WhatsApp.

Email addresses are a key part of modern communication and a vital digital skill for the modern workplace. We'll help you create an email address, set up an email signature ensuring your emails look more professional and send your first email. Once you have sent your first email, we'll teach you how to reply to an email and finally send a file as an attachment.

Finally, we'll help you create a basic CV and email it to a recruitment company.

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Digital Skill: Managing Your Data

Once you have mastered the basics, we'll move onto understanding data, why we need to protect it and how to find it on the internet. Also how to decide if the source is trustworthy and it's likely biases.

One of the first tasks you'll learn is how to use multiple search engines (Google and Bing). Once you have found a news article, we'll look at how we can do a basic fact check. There is no point in sharing incorrect or misleading articles or information on your new Twitter account, so we'll help you check. We'll show you how to search for the mentioned company and see if there is another view on the same story. We'll show you how to use Wikipedia and again, how this can be used as part of a basic fact check. We'll show you how to check if a source is secure (HTTP v HTTPS).

We'll help you set up your very own online storage account with Microsoft OneDrive and set up folders within it. We then will help you set up rules to ensure your photographs are automatically backed up when your device is connected to a WiFi network. We'll show you how to upload your CV to the account to ensure you will never lose it and can use it time and time again.

Finally, we'll show you how to use streaming services for both music and video. We'll show you how to sign up for a free music streaming service and how to create a playlist of your favourite songs. We'll show you how to use a free online video streaming service and teach you how to like, comment and share it.

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Digital Skill: Transacting Online

The next step towards your digital inclusion is learning how to buy and sell items online. Firstly, we will help you create an account with Amazon, PayPal and eBay. Once you have been set up on PayPal you'll be able to request payments from a friend or send an invoice to a new client. The key from this session is to learn how to trade, buy and sell online.

We'll help you learn how to sign up to and book a holiday, showing you how to pick a start location, a destination and the dates of travel. We'll walk you through the entire process to the final checkout basket.

We'll help you learn how to navigate and manage both Universal Credit (UC) and HMRC online accounts.

We'll get you registered with your local GP for health alerts by email and finally, we'll ensure you can create, manage and upload your CV to - opening up a new way of job hunting for you.

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Digital Skill: Problem-Solving

The final piece in the digital inclusion puzzle is problem-solving and learning how to use some of the more advanced software packages to a basic level. We'll help you create a Google Sheets spreadsheet, use simple formulas and then produce a chart for a report. We'll help you put together a Google Slides presentation about yourself and your key skills for use in interviews, helping you demonstrate your new-found digital abilities.

We'll help you understand how to use Skype for business and use YouTube to learn new skills in the future.

Once you have completed all of the key five skills, you'll be digitally fit for work in the United Kingdom.

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